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(02322) - 221123
Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur

Dr. J J Magdum Trust’s (No. E/902)

Dr. J. J. Magdum College Of Engineering, Jaysingpur

Approved by A.I.C.T.E., New Delhi, Recognized by Govt. of Maharashtra (DTE) & Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur

Concrete Technology Lab

Concrete Technology Lab

Name of Lab

Concrete Technology Lab

Lab Technician

Mr. S.A. Nitave

Lab Total Investment

Rs. 3,82,153=00

Equipment Details

Sr. No.Name of ItemQty.
1Devel Attrition Machine1
2Tamping Rod1
3Vibration Machine1
4Cube Mould (15x15x15 cm)6
5Cylindrical Mould (15×30 cm)6
6Cube Mould (7.06 cm)6
7Sieve Set (30 cm dia. G.I. Frame) (Size 50,40,25,20, 12.5,10,2.36,1.7 mm)8
8Vicat Apparatus with Dash Pot with Initial Final Setting Needles1
9Le’chatteliers Mould2
11Sieve, 10 mm, 30 cm dia.1
12Measuring Jar Set1
13Aggregate Elongation Index Box1
14Aggregate Flakiness Index Box1
15Sieve, 90 micron, 20 cm dia.2
16100 Kg. Spring Balance with Box1
17Cube Mould C.I. (15x15x15 cm)15
18Vee Bee Consistometer as per I.S. 11991
19Concrete Cylindrical Mould3
20Slump Cone Test Apparatus1
21Flow Table Test Apparatus1
22Vicat Apparatus1
23Compaction Factor Apparatus1
24Vicat Mould Brass1
25Test sieves (set 9).30cm1
26Test sieves (set 8).20cm1
27Vicat app.1
28Stop watch.1
29Bulk density.1
30Sieve shaker.(20cm)1
31Le-chateliar mould (set 6))1
32 Cube mould 150mm.3
33Cylindrical mould 150x300mm.3
34Beam mould. 150x150x700mm3
35Beam mould. 100x100x500mm3
36Electronic balance.60kg.1
37Measuring cylinder 1000ml2
38Measuring cylinder 500ml2
39Measuring cylinder 100ml.2
41Flow table (30 inch).1
42Vibrating table1
43Sieve 90mic2
44Tilting Mixer (half bag)1
45Cube mould 150x150x150mm12
46Cube mould 150x150x150mm15
47Cylindrical mould 150x300mm15