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(02322) - 221123
Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur

Dr. J J Magdum Trust’s (No. E/902)

Dr. J. J. Magdum College Of Engineering, Jaysingpur

Approved by A.I.C.T.E., New Delhi, Recognized by Govt. of Maharashtra (DTE) & Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur

Surveying Lab

Survey Engg. Lab

Name of Lab

Surveying Lab

Lab Technician

Mr. G.G. Kolap

Lab Total Investment


Equipment Details

Sr. No.Name of ItemQty.
1Vernier Transit Theodolite.3
2Dumpy Level.1
3Prismatic Compass.3
4Survey Chain 30 m.4
5Survey Compass with stand.2
6Levelling Staff.3
7Tangent Clinometer.1
8Tilting Level.2
9Abney Level.2
10Hand Level.2
11Cross Staff Octagonal.1
12Cross Staff Open.1
13Optical Square Circular.1
14Optical Square Prism Type.1
15Box Sextant. 1
16Ghat Tracer.1
17Metallic Tape 30 cm.6
19Telescopic Alidade.1
20Pocket Stereoscope.1
21Transit Vernier Theodolite.1
22Ranging Rod 3 m.8
23Optical Square Brass.2
24Cross Staff French.2
25Open Cross Staff.2
26Survey Scale 30 m.2
28Aluminium Levelling Staff.6
29Vernier Transit Theodolite. 1
30Dumpy Level.3
31Chain 30 m.2
32Open Cross Staff.2
33Measuring Tape 30 m.3
34Vernier Transit Theodolite.1
35Vernier Transit Theodolite1
37Plane Table Set.1
38Prismatic Compass.3
39Metallic Chain 30m.3
40Vernier Transit Theodolite.1
41Vernier Transit Theodolite.1
42Open Cross Staff.3
43Auto Level.1
44Measuring Tape 30 m.2
45Ranging rod 3 m.6
46Dumpy Level with stand.2
47Prismatic Compass.2
48Digital Planimeter1
49Open Cross Staff (4” Brass)6
50Hand Level1
51Abney Level1
52Plane Table Set1
53Aluminum Staff6
54Measuring Tap (30mtr)4
55Dumpy Level with stand.2
56Aluminum Staff5
57Prismatic Compass.4
58Open Cross Staff (4” Brass)4
59French cross staff4
60Measuring Tap (30mtr)5
61Chain 30 m.3
62Chain 20 m.3
63Optical Square 2
64Line Ranger2
65Abney Level2
66Tangent Clinometer1
67Ghat Tracer.1
68Box Sextant. 1
69Hand Level1
70Total Station (kolida}1
71Auto level1
73Substance Bar2
74Digital Planimeter.1
75Aluminum Staff10
76Chain 30 m.4
77Measuring Tap (30mtr)8
80Prismatic Compass4
81Survey Compass with stand.6
82Chain 30 m.3
83Chain 20 m.3
84Aluminum Staff6
85Planimeter. ( Long Arm )3
86Measuring Tap (30mtr5
87Dumpy Level with stand.2
88Auto level2
90Dumpy Level with stand.3
91Plane Table Set2
92Chain 30 m6
93Chain 20 m.5
94Aluminum Staff5
95Prismatic Compass4
97Tangent Clinometer1
98Ghat Tracer.1
99Box Sextant. 1
100Proportional compass2
101Telescopic Alidade1
102Pocket Stereoscope.3
103Ranging rod12
104Optical Square1
105Line Ranger2
106French cross staff4
107Survey Compass with stand.3
108Ranging rod6
109Total Station (Leica)1
110Tilting Level2
111Aluminum Staff6
112Measuring Tap (30mtr8
113Digital Planimeter 1