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(02322) - 221123
Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur

Dr. J J Magdum Trust’s (No. E/902)

Dr. J. J. Magdum College Of Engineering, Jaysingpur

Approved by A.I.C.T.E., New Delhi, Recognized by Govt. of Maharashtra (DTE) & Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Name of Lab

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Lab Technician

Mr. S.A. Nitave

Lab Total Investment

Rs. 6,89,109=00

Equipment Details

Sr. No.Name of ItemQty.
1Centrifugal pump.1
2Peloton wheel.1
3Francis turbine.1
4Hydraulic ram.1
5Heleshaw App.2
6Orifice meter.1
7Notches app.1
8Venturimeter app.1
9Reynolds app.1
10Parallel pipe app.1
11Impact jet app.1
12Series pipe app.1
13Metacentric height app.1
14Major losses app.1
15Minor losses app.1
16Bernoulli’s theorem app.1
18Tilting Flume App.1
19Stop watch(Analog).2
20Heleshaw App.1
21Lobe pump,1
Gear pump,1
Vane pump1